Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Haven't died!

Hello everyone i am alive :D! Hopefully you remember me... Well i know what you are probably thinking... WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU SOUR!? Well... When i got banned i'd thought when I'd get a new sims game and come right back, but i just honestly stopped playing sims and had no desire to go back at the time. Plus my parents put parental controls on my computer that blocked me out of a ton of stuff and... it was all just a HUGE mess, but i have lurked a little, just to somewhat understand what everyones been up to lately. I don't know if i should join the forums again or not, I did get sims 3 for my ps3 and it came with a code to sign up again, so i can if i want. Tell me what you think, are the forums still the same? Do you even remember me? Lol will you even read this post? Idk sooooo many questions... kbye :)

BTW! Happy Easter everyone! :D I hope the easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate and easter eggs ^^!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

:( i made a pic for my background on my sims3 page and found out I cant even use it cu of my ban >:(


EA is RETARDED! really. I get perma banned for what? I dont use swear words, I dont post inappropriate content... Just because I talk about EA in a bad way a little too much... I get PERMA BANNED! last time I checked freedom of speech is one of the 10 amendments in the US, and just because i dont like you doesnt mean you have to ban me from your site.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wow EA...

I never knew how much stupid people work at EA... I posted a simple question to them, "why are you moving peoples threads to the welcome section" after a few replies it was deleted. I dont know what their problem is.... but i hate them a lot lol

Um what the hell?


So today I get on the forums and decide to check if my random thread is still up, so I go in my bookmarks and it opens fine, but I cant post reply or quote anyone... then i click the thing that I thought said "general discussions" to go back to general discussions but then, i notice that my thread is the only non guru thread... so im like what?? Then i notice my thread is in the WELCOME SECTION!? then I went on general discussions and asked if they saw it too, and sure enough, EA moved the thread to the Welcome Section.... rofl

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello people!

Lol i have no idea how blogs work, but whatever! I was bored and soooo many people have blogs so i thought, why not? Plus, here i can post all the things I hate about EA without getting banned... lol